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Laboratory works

      „J. Ir A. Romanovų“ PĮ has prepared „Electronics laboratory works“ engineer trainer, used for National Instruments ELVIS educational platform. Training by means of LabVIEW analog and digital electronics practical laboratory work, carried out using virtual devices. The book is written for students studying the undergraduate training program, for qualified electronics manufacturing professionals and graduate students studying in the discipline of Electronics and microprocessor technologies. The book, as related disciplines textbook, may be useful for other areas as well, because of that all the practical works start with a brief theory introduction.

       This book is written by VPU FTF Assoc. Dr. S. Borodinas and Moscow Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation Institute - MIREA - Head of the Department prof. V. Batovrin and Assoc. Dr. A. Bessonov and V. Moshkin. Book authors thank the National Instruments representative in Lithuania "J. and A. Romanovu“ PI company, VPU FTF staff A. Stasiukynas for valuable comments on issues of terminology.


    Here you can find „Electronics laboratory works“ examples in PDF format:
     1) Introduction and list of contents. Download PDF...
     2) First laboratory work. Download PDF...

    More information on suggested "J. ir A. Romanovu" PĮ laboratory works from National Instruments and partners you may find by continuing to this link...